Belly UpBelly Up by Stuart Gibbs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This adventurous murder mystery reminded me a lot of Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. FunJungle, America's as "close as you can get to the Africaan safari" theme park, has just found out it's beloved mascot, Henry the hippo, is dead. Teddy Fitzroy believes it is foul play beccause honestly, everyone hates the hippo. He immediately gets to work investigating. The only problem is.... he is twelve and the child of park employees, so no one takes him seriously!

I loved how much I learned about wild animal behavior from Teddy. I also found the disgusting habit so of hippos hilarious. This book had some good environmental vs. corporate themes much like Hoot. It was adventurous and mysterious and most of the plot was believable.

At times I felt the information about animals and the environment seemed more preachy than necessary to the plot, but I still enjoyed the book very much!

It is on the Lonestar List, so if you read five of these books, I'll make a poster of you with your favorite book and hang it in the library!

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